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Alcott's Attic Fundraising

We now offer fundraisers for non-profits and schools! This is a unique program that we’re offering in partnership with Fundraisers include a webpage customized for your organization featuring books chosen by your staff.  All orders are shipped directly to home eliminating the need for you to coordinate orders, schedule pick-up days, find volunteers to set up and staff the event, or provide a physical space!


Fundraisers run for 2 weeks, and your organization collects 15% of the profits!










About is an online platform that helps independent bookstores facilitate online sales at a competitive rate.  Instead of lining the pockets of billionaires like Jeff Bezos, you are supporting indie shops all around the country.  When you purchase through you are supporting a movement as indie shops take back the industry.  Participants of your fundraiser will purchase from our site and have their items shipped straight to their homes from  This remarkably convenient program is a win for everyone involved!

“ hopes to play Rebel Alliance to Amazon’s Empire”

~Chicago Tribune


What can my students/participants order from Bookshop?

So many things! Books, toys, notebooks, pencils, board games, tote bags, mugs, book-themed socks, tumblers, etc.  In addition to the lists you create, participants can search for any book their heart desires in the search bar provided.  The proceeds of this sale will also go toward your organization’s profits.  


What kinds of book lists? 

Get creative! Booklists are so fun to create.  Topics could range from age group, genre, types of item, or favorite picks of certain individuals in your organization.  We have created a few pre-selected lists that you can are welcome to use to fill out your page (if you’d like).  



What types of organizations can participate?

Schools (public or private), church groups, and nonprofits that are not affiliated with political parties.  We reserve the right to refuse any organization that promotes ideals that include hate, advocates violence, racism or any type of bullying.  


Will my participants have to pay for shipping?

Yes.  However, almost every title on bookshop is discounted 8-10% which offsets some of the shipping costs.  Also, using bookshop alleviates the need to come to pick up orders at a separate location.  This is not only more convenient for your participants, but also eliminates the need for staff to coordinate orders or pick-up days.  Items ship directly to the participant’s home!


Why should I do Bookshop instead of Scholastic?

Bookshop supports indie bookstores.  Independent bookstores and other local businesses support their communities by contributing taxes, creating jobs, making charitable contributions, and using local services. We provide unique character and livability to our Main Streets. If online and giant retailers squeeze out local businesses, property and sales taxes—the source of funds for our schools and public services—will suffer.  Independent bookstores are run by book lovers for book lovers.


When do I get my money?

We will send a check for your 15% within 14 days after your fundraiser closes.


Sounds great.  So, what do I have to do?

Here’s the fun part.  Your staff gets to create unique book lists for your organization.  A good number for these lists is about 10-25 titles.  Themes could include a list for each grade, teacher recommendations, or lists that fit with your non-profit’s mission statement.  You email us the titles and we will build the list.  We also have some lists already put together for high-selling items like socks, totes, and mugs that we can add to the fundraising page if you would like.  The main thing you will need to do is promote! The more you get the word out, the more money you will earn.  We will create social media assets for you to use on your social channels with the dates of the fundraiser and website address.  You can use these to promote your event in any way you choose.  Tell everyone you know and get the word out! Your promotion is the key to the success of your fundraiser.


What are my next steps? What dates are available?

Use the form below to contact us.  We’ll get back to you quickly to get the ball rolling!

Image by Josh Appel
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